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Graphic Designer

Ali is a New York City based graphic designer. Her love of design began in childhood. As a kid she loved both art and jigsaw puzzles because she loved being able to see the whole bigger picture come to life.


She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 2014. Since then Ali has worked as a full-time, permalance, contract and freelance designer across numerous industries.


She has experience with Figma and Canva and is fluent in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Ali is always open to new experiences and happy to learn a new skill or two.


Please contact Ali for any of your design needs. She is currently open to new opportunities. 

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Ali (Lifton) Bennett

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"Ali was fantastic to work with in my time at CG - her speed, drive, and instinct for quality helped to drive a mass amount of deliverables with very little worry/reviews from creatives' end. She is amazingly communicative and always works to ensure that her work is delivering against what is needed for every project. I would love to continue working with Ali in the future, I've never worked with a more reliable and quality focused designer!"

Jeff O'Neal

Camp Gladiator

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